Other Mountains - Mare's Nest

Other Mountains - Mare's Nest

01. Gaslighting
02. Life Is Full of Awkward Goodbyes, What’s One More?
03. Bread And Circus
04. Onsen
05. Slaves
06. Bulkhead
07. People Are Not Good To Each Other And I Suppose They Never Will Be
08. Just The Fucking Earth
09. Wake
10. Alter Altar
11. Resting Place

Arp - Pulsars e Quasars

Arp - Pulsars e Quasars

01. Suns
02. Pulsars e Quasars
03. Chromatiques II (Extended Mix)
04. UHF1
05. On Returning
06. The Violet Hour (Film Dub)
07. New Persuasions (Version by Le R‚v‚lateur)


To The Wedding - Silver Currents

To The Wedding - Come On


Hey you hey you, coming down strong now it's happening slowly
You're letting go now oh, into the wonders of your mind
So come on let me have it come on
Hey you hey you, coming up strong now, taking it all on
Letting it have you
Come on, let me have it come on

1.Brightest Light
2.Come On
5.Silver Currents
6.Set Fire
7.Time Pilot


The Townhouses - Ill​-​Fitting

The Townhouses - Magpie

你看見了什麼? 我看見了恰如其分的浪漫

1. Easy
2. Nag Champa
3. Gap Year
4. Pressbyrån
5. Theatres
6. Suburban Curve
7. Magpie
8. Good Taste