Gazelle Twin - Mammal EP

Gazelle Twin - Heartbeat


I feel icy
I feel cold
I feel old
Is there something there behind me?
I'm sublime

I feel empty
I feel dark
I remark
I am mesmerized
By my own beat
Like a heartbeat
In it's own beat

WIRE - Heartbeat (1979)

Gazelle Twin - Mammal EP(FULL PREVIEW)

01. I Turn My Arm
02. Heartbeat
03. This Is My Hand
04. This Is My Hand (Clint Mansell Remix)
05. I Turn My Arm (Renaissance Man Remix)
06. I Turn My Arm (Kuedo Remix)
07. I Turn My Arm (Alixander III Remix)

Gazelle Twin - Changelings (John Foxx And The Maths Remix)