Dråpe - Canicular Days

Dråpe - Blue Skies


walking round an ordinary day,
with blue skies. still i long for yesterday.
want to meet the ones i knew before,
but my cruel eyes made them all forget my name.
was hoping i could stay indoors,
cause the truth hurts and i don´t want to play that game.
close my eyes pretend you´re really here,
i know you´re not, i just gotta get through this day.

endlessly devoted, hopelessly alone

haunted thoughts of hatred and betrayal.
this cycle seems to be disrupting me.
coping with the feeling of regret,
my cold mind compensates my hurtful ways

endlessly devoted, hopelessly alone

walking round an ordinary day,
with blue skyes, i don´t care for yesterday.
feel like i´ve seen it all before,
through blue eyes, seen it coming miles away

Dråpe - Sister's Eye

Dråpe - Wanted You To Stay

01. Blue Skies
02. I Kept Falling Asleep
03. Sister’s Eye
04. Wanted You To Stay
05. I Don’t Mind
06. Memories
07. When You Wake Up Again
08. Hike
09. I Did What You’ve Done

Dråpe - When It's Cold Outside