Oliver Wilde ‎- A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Light years

Oliver Wilde - Perrett's Brook


Perretts Brook got shook up
I'll see you two months from now
And I hope it tastes the same
I've come from where you came
And I've herd your songs of pain
And I feel the same sometimes

Perretts Brook got shook up
I can you see your tyre marks
And road signs glow in the dark
You feel it closing in
The dashboard is shinning
All fairy lit and tragic

Perretts Brook got shook up
Headlights melt the frost
Beating down on the ground
Night she blankets in
Covering as you tread
Way out into you spirit

Oliver Wilde - Flutter

Oliver Wilde - Curve (Good Grief)

01. Curve (Good Grief)
02. Perretts Brook
03. Flutter
04. Something Old
05. Marleah's Cadence
06. Pinch
07. Rift
08. Walter Stephen's Only Daughter
09. Happy Downer
10. Twin