Steffaloo - Heart Beats

Steffaloo - Eyes For You (Feat. Chrome Sparks)

Steffaloo - You're Not There

01. Made To Love You (Feat. Andrea)
02. Eyes For You (Feat. Chrome Sparks)
03. Lovesick (Feat. Gracie)
04. You're Not There (Feat. Stumbleine)
05. Shoulda Known Better (Feat. Different Sleep)
06. Young (Feat. Slow Magic)
07. Sweet Talker (Feat. Magical Mistakes)
08. Don't Wanna Cry (Feat. Nknwn)
09. Come Talk To Me (Feat. Moon Bounce)
10. Miss You (Feat. Shak)
11. When I'm Happy (Feat. Sun Glitters)
12. Sunshine (Feat. Eliot)