Children Of The Stones - The Stars & The Silence

Children Of The Stones(Mark Van Hoen) - The Stars & The Silence

01. Love's Last Loss
02. Out of Reach (feat. Neil Halstead, Louis Sherman, Alan Forrester & Angus Finlayson)
03. The Stars & the Silence (feat. Angus Finlayson)
04. Ever Within (feat. Neil Halstead, Angus Finlayson, Alan Forrester & Paul Warrener)
05. Roll Complete (feat. Angus Finlayson)
06. Tethered (feat. Angus Finlayson & Louis Sherman)
07. Just Like Coming Down
08. Every Word You Say (feat. Angus Finlayson)
09. Toward the Umbra
10. Save for Me (feat. Angus Finlayson & Rachel Davies)