JJ - Beautiful Life

JJ - Beautiful Life
from JJ n° 4


JJ - Still


I got summer on my mind,
nowhere else though
lord take me downtown or to you
people show me love but I can't take it
what I said was true
real pain, can't fake it

still they wanna be with me
still they wanna leave with me
still they wanna feel like me
still I can't believe it's me

time you spend on me
I spend mine on being free
on a flight to NYC
I see you when you see me

I wonder why, why you have to lie
when you've seen me cry
when you've seen me shy
when you've seen me high
when you will see me die

where we from, you don't know
you will know where we will go
yeah I'm here, where are you?
there's nothing you can't do

we up in here with one thing on our mind, let's leave with something
then we play still dre, my way, all day, in beats by dre
then we go and get buzzed, get drunk, get crunk, get fucked up

I am S/Y, no lie, at least you get to witness
kill so many songs, you'd think I have a hitlist
that's Drake, well we love young money bizniz
cause we're young and we get money

JJ - Let Go


All I've left is my soul
Fall left me with this winter so cold
Take me away
Like an overdose on heroin

Baby, we were born for fun
Or maybe to sleep in the sun
A place where new waves come in
A place you'll be here

Let go
Let the wind blow
Back your head tonight

Let's go
Let your friend know
That you're here on a beach by my side

Called me today on the phone
The sun guided me home
I'll never be alone again
'cause I've got a friend

Let go
Let your skin show
That you've been in the sun today

Let's go
Let your mind blow
All your sorrows away

JJ - Kill You (M.I.A - Paperplanes)


I wanna die
so I get high
I blame it all on me
cause I wanted to do it
well that is what I say
cause no one else in this world could do it

but I found a way to get high every chance I get
to have no mercy, no regret
and I don't wanna know everything that you've been told
and I don't wanna go anywhere that you've been going to,
anywhere you're going to


all I wanna do is kill you and take your money

I thought it was the truth, my dream of you
when everybody knew you fooled me
like I said I take the blame you can keep the shame
and I know what and who, let's keep that between me and you
and let us see what you do, and let us see what you knew
what you do when you're you when we're through

I know people who know people who know people too
and now we come for you