We Were Pirates vs. We Are Pirates

We Were Pirates - Better Off Without You...or...ZOMBIE LOVE  勾丟賽!


You went away.
Slowly but surely I forgot your name.
It was something that started with an...Oh, I don’t remember.
But I think I’m better off anyway.
Day after day, it wasn’t easy, but I moved on someway.
Until all of a sudden you showed up and told me that your mind had changed.
But I was better off without you.
Inside my head, I’ve played out the scene again and again.
And I’d like to think that I’d say no, but if you came back,
I know I’d fold as soon as you returned.
Because you’ve had my heart, even since the day that things fell apart.
And I haven’t stopped thinking of you and me together.
Though I know it’s wrong. But I was better off without you.
I know I couldn’t change your mind because you’re just the same old person.
I used to think that you could change.

and this is We "ARE" Pirates

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