Brothertiger – Golden Years

Brothertiger - Lovers


I was lost
I was losing at a terrible cost
You could make exceptions
But I'd still be involved
It wouldn't make
A single difference at all

You called me out
There was never
Any measure of doubt
I was so confused
On what the joke was about
But I am thinking
That I'm into you now
You now

There is nothing wrong with me
Can't you see it's gonna be alright?


You counted down
All the days
You missed me hanging around
Trying to forget the times
I couldn't be found
But I've decided
That I'll be with you now
You now

BROTHERTIGER - I've Been Waiting

Brothertiger - Wind At My Back

Brothertiger - Feel


I want to walk the city streets at night.
I feel the sound and everythings alright.
The way you walk the streets of black and white.
You walk alone and everything's alright.

You feel the sound
You reach around
And feel my face
The slow embrace

You feel the mind
It's closed tonight
You feel the sound
You feel around

You feel the way

Waking up the sun is in your eyes
You feel the morning catch you in the light
I feel your face, it warms me with delight
I feel the day and everything's alright

Right now
You feel around
You feel the sound
You feel profound
You feel the sound
You feel around
You feel the sound

Brothertiger - Ask (The Smiths Cover)