Crimson Mourn - Bring Your Desires Here

Crimson Mourn - Bring Your Desires Here

You fulfill my desires.  I believe you're gonna b huge soon or later.

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Crimson Mourn - A Song To Whisper Over The Silence


Stay in bed
while the seasons pass
you talk like
if you are dead

Close the door
when the winter's gone
dim the lights
before we arrive

If time can't tell you
how to fix your heart
stop thinking
that others can

I promise
to send you letters
about all those days
we always look back

I want to go home
but you said
this place is falling down
let's talk about ourselves
somewhere else.

Crimson Mourn - All Those Bombs Are Fireworks Now!

Crimson Mourn - Kids On The Moon


I remember, the sunsets in your face
Was always raining inside our tiny eyes
The moving trails...
How we promise, to never get old
But the time speak for us
Where are you now that I need you?

Crimson Mourn - Sleep, Don't Wake Up



Sleep, my Dear
You're crumbling
Raising your arms
Catching air

Asking to the clouds
To cry with her
While everyone laughs

[We're sleeping with...]
(YOU) To keep me from;
[We're sleeping with...]
(YOU) To keep me from;

Buring our feets on the ground
To sleep a long time
Singing out loud
They will never come back