Junip - Junip

Junip - Your Life Your Call


She's over you
Boy you know it's true
But you can't stay here
You had it coming for years

Pull yourself together
And draw the line
Pull yourself together
Can't stand to see you crying

It's your life, your call
Stand up or enjoy your fall

It's over now
You've been taking your time
But you can't stay here
Boy dry up your tears

No point in looking back
Over your shoulder
Leave your worries behind
For a while
You'll forget everything
As you get older

Junip - Line Of Fire


What would you do
If it all came back to you
Each crest of each wave
Bright as lightning
What would you say
If you had to leave today
Leave everything behind
Even though for once you're shining

Standing on higher ground
But when you hear the sounds
You realise it's just a whim (/the wind)
And you notice it matters
Who and what you let under your skin

If put to the test
Would you step back from the line of fire
Hold everything back
All emotions and desires

Convince yourself to be someone else
And hold back from the world
Your lack of confidence
What you choose to believe in
Dictates your rise or your fall

With no one else around you
No one to understand you
No one to hear your calls
Look through all your dark corners
When you're backed up against the wall
Step back from the line of fire

I'd do the same as you would
Would do the same as you
Step back from the line of fire

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