Pure X - Crawling Up The Stairs

Pure X - Things In My Head


There are things I could never explain to you
And things in my head that I never said
Enjoyment and secrets
And I sit alone, be cold to me
In your way
We'll stay in bed if you let me.
And take my hand, walk into the sun
And when I'm all down
You're always there to obey me
We're over here for a short time
I'm off and going anywhere
I don't know if I'm moving anymore
All I see is a sign I've seen before
And take my hand, walk into the sun
We're over here for a short time
We're over here for a short time.

Pure X - Someone Else


Come on, break me
Like you’ve been done yourself
Come on, take me down
Deep into your hell

Come on, make me
Into someone else
You know I need you
To keep it to yourself

Come on, burn me
Until this body’s toast
Oh come on,
Make me feel, something baby
I don’t give a fuck
You know I earned it
So come on give me all your love
I can taste it
Now your taste is standing out.


Pure X - Thousand Year Old Child

01 Crawling Up The Stairs
02 Someone Else
03 Written In The Slime
04 I Fear What I Feel
05 Things In My Head
06 Shadows And Lies
07 I Come From Nowhere
08 Never Alone
09 How Did You Find Me
10 Thousand Year Old Child
11 Rain At Dawn
12 All Of The Future (All Of The Past)