Kool Thing - Light Games EP

Kool Thing - Light Games


I don't mind and she don't care,
we've climbed the ruined steps on the the path to god knows where.

I've seen the sky fall down on the heads that just can't see,
While you ride in a sinking ship that's sailing back to me.

I'm sleeping in your room again, got the curtains closed real tight,
Making noises underneath the sheets playing shadows with the light.

Turn the radio up, drown the audio out swimming round my mind,
ten years is too long to wait when you're king in the land of the blind.

I don't know if I've been told that the road I'm on is true,
Lost in the maze of the undergrowth that leads right back to you.

Tumbling down, tumbling down, oh no you've ruined your hair,
Gonna nail you to your car tonight and watch the people stare.

Turn the radio up, drown the audio out,
Turn the radio up, drown the audio out.

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