Grizzly Bear - Shields

Grizzly Bear - Yet Again


Yet again, we're the only ones
No surprise, this is often how it's done
Lately, it's about all I can take
I will put an end in all these brakes

Shell with another crack
I'm small, but I can keep track
Too soon, everyone just step away
I'm sure this isn't the last play

Take it all and strike
Speak don't confide
Barely had a chase
It's done before we try
Stop it and deny
Does it end your phase?

Keep score even play, it feels this game
I know when I'll set her the same
If I could, I will beat it all in
No chance to move outwards and see

Grizzly Bear - Sleeping Ute


Dreamed a long day
Just wandering free
Though I'm far gone
You sleep nearer to me

If I could find peace
If this night bleeds
But I can't help myself

So I walk out
These wandering dreams
Of the north road
Dressed gold and green

If I could lie still
As that grey hill
But I can't help myself

But it's calm and it's clear
Collapsed here on the stone
Delivered to this place
A vision dark and cloaked

And those figures through the leaves
And that light through the smoke
And those countless empty days
Made me dizzy when I woke
And I live to see your face
And I hate to see you go
But I know no other way
Than straight on out the door

And I can't help myself
And I can't help myself
And I can't help myself

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