Abadabad - Park Slope


i can't figure out what you think you did
running around with some other kid
that will probably hold you back

and why would you call me out the way you did
talk me to death and then i swear somehow
you made my heart turn black

i think she's going solo
but i know that she'll miss her man
when i get back to Park Slope
yeah i'll probably kiss her hand
i might be going solo
and i'm doing the best I can
when i get back to Park Slope
yeah i'll probably kiss her hand

and know that i know what i really did
i said some things but
i never thought that i would get drunk like that
well might act like a little kid but i swear so hard
my intentions were good
even though i behave so bad

i think she's going solo . . . (i'm sorry about it)

ABADABAD - California Birds


honey i could take a walk with you
even if i might miss a step or two
i aint trying to waste my life
just thinking it over

there's a couple things i forgot to do
like telling you how bad i was wanting you
now your gone and all of these thoughts
i keep turning them over

all of the california birds
keep thinking 'bout the california birds

when i talk to you
maybe you feel it too
i wish you'd find a moment
when you could come over

to another place where i'd be with you
where you could act like you want me too
you won't be cryin' and i won't be tryin'
to help you get over

and i won't bring up a ring
and i can't help but sing just like the birds

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