Wilco - The Whole Love

Wilco - Sunloathe

最近常常突然有種想回家的感覺,但其實人正在家裏。這感覺以前偶爾會發生,但好像最近比較頻繁。希望是我家鄉的人聽到我的求救訊號了,他們知道我跟這個世界格格不入,也不該知何去何從,他們要來把我接回去了吧!? 把我這個被討厭的怪物接回家去。
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I loathe
The sun
Sometimes I don't
Know how to love

It's hard
To recall
Hold on
To it all

I kill my memories
With a cheap

To the sails
That fail
To the bird and the whale
Move my misery
It's all or nothing
I see

I don't want to lose this fight
I don't want to end this fight

I loathe
The sun
Someday I know
I'll learn how to love
Is enough

I don't want to lose this fight
I don't want to end this fight

WILCO - Born Alone


I have heard the wall and worried of the gospel
Ferry faust it crossed a void
I have married broken spoke charging smoke wheels
Spit and swallowed opioids

I am the driver at the wheel of the order
Marching circles at the gate
My eyes have seen the fury
So flattered by fate

Tonight I'd rather count the warm fuse?
Subtract the silence of myself
I would rather choose a million mind of mystery
Be just the rigor for my health
I wonder why strange rhymes overpower me
Toss the chimneys in the sea
I believe I've seen the finger
To hide extremity

Please come closer to the feather smooth lens fry
Sadness is my luxury
Will you wear torn the cold come before I die
More aware of it than me

Without the glowing stone
The kids are unabashed
Loneliness postponed
My eyes deceiving glory
I was born to die alone


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