Delay Trees – Doze

Delay Trees – HML


I would run away if I could
Through the parking lots out into the woods
No more re-runs, no more empty nights
No more buzzing of fluorescent lights

I've loved you just the way you are
But now it's harder and I need to move on
And you won't miss me, yeah I know
And you're not sad to see me go, oh no

Rows of houses, rows of neatly parked cars
Vague memories of late night drives and cigars
I miss my friends though they're no longer here
And I wish I was filled with hope instead of fear

I'm afraid that everything falls apart
That there's no one strong enough to break my heart
And I won't miss you, so now you know
But without you I feel so alone, so alone

Delay Trees – Pause

Breathe in the atmosphere, inhale the holy
Lay down the weight of fear, bathe in the sunlit glory
Forget all about history, forget all about wars
Forget laws of gravity and just press pause
Just press pause

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