EZ Basic - Memories Of Spring

匈牙利 pop

EZ Basic - Sometimes I Can't


Don't break it up
No not this time
With all the hurt inside
With all the hurt inside

Cold Winter nights
They nail you down
With all the hurt inside
With all the pain inside

I used to help when you were tearing things apart
I can't believe you cut me down

Sometimes I can't leave it all behind
Sometimes I can't forget you in my mind

I'll come to you
In my own time
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

這一切都不合理, 要我怎麼理解?


EZ Basic - Motorik Erik

EZ Basic - Spy FM


I'll let you down again
Saw you walking with another man
I'll sing my song again
And you don't want to hear that

Taps dripping in my empty flat
Wonder why you're playing hard-to-get
Blue eyes and innocence
Someone's cut me real bad

I'll mess you up again
I heard your name today on Spy FM
I had to call my friends and they only confirmed that

They follow every move you make
Even try to count the steps you take
Your stars will shine again
But I'm not going to see them

Wait, there's gonna be more summer nights
They kept me by your side
And if I see you once again
You know the whole world's gonna end